Varroa 7
Preparing the varroa screen
The best material has been found to be correx; the material used by estate agents outside houses for 'for sale' notices. (See link menu for a supplier). The board is cut to size to fit under the OMF and the open sides sealed with an adhesive tape. This prevents any contaminant getting into the corrugated spaces which could harbour disease.
Before use the board is sprayed with an adhesive, WD-40 has been found to be ideal for this. The sticky surface keeps any live mites in place and so prevents them escaping.
After use the board is washed clean with warm water containing a little detergent and bleach; the latter to disinfect the board.
The mite count
How to interpret the mite count? One of the best information sites is on BeeBase where a varroa calculator is given.
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